eq075_cascataCode EQ

Alkaline liquid detergent for dishwasher. Very efficient in degreasing glasses, crockery and cutlery.
It is recommended to couple it with Rinse aid code B, or else with Citric Acid code ACIT or with Descaler code AE.

See the Technical Sheet for operating instructions.

dosage for 12 place settings: see the table (40 ml = 1/2 coffee cup. 1°FH French Hardness = 10 mg/L CaCO3).

Water Hardness < 20° FH 20 – 30° FH > 30° FH
Dosage 30 ml 40 ml 50 ml

Warnings: the product is not generally suitable for aluminum, copper, zinc coated pottery, due to its alkalinity.

Neither allergens, nor phosphorus, nor optical brighteners, nor dyes contained.

In particular it does not contain: parabens, dehydroacetic acid, formaldehyde precursors, propylene glycol, phtalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium cocoyl sulfate, sodium babassuyl sulfate, potassium cocoate, phosphonates, polyacrilates, sylicons, essential oils, enzimes.

All ingredients are readily biodegradable (OECD Test 301), show low aquatic organisms and human toxicity, are not bioaccumulating.

Available package: 0,75 L bottle, 5L container, 20L economy-size container

Technical sheet download: here

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