Marmo_superficiThe most suitable products for cleaning marble surfaces are Universal Degreaser code MC, Alkaline Floorwasher code MP, Hygienizing Detergent for bathroom code IN, as they are not corrosive agents against limestone and dewaxing agentsClean & Wax for hardwood and marble floor code LVCP is suitable too, as it adds to washing action a protective thin carnauba wax layer.

Why marble is suitable to be corroded if treated with acid products?

Marble is made with an alkaline salt, Calcium Carbonate, usually deposited on bathroom fixture or crockery, when water is hard. Compactness of marble compared to limestone is due to the huge pressure applied by mountains, during geologic cycles of minerals.

When we want to remove lime from bathroom or from the kitchen basin, it is correct to use acid detergents (containing citric acid, lactic acid or vinegar): acid reacts with Calcium Carbonate giving gaseous CO2 (carbon dioxide, which bubbles away), water and a water-soluble Calcium salt.

If instead of limestone we have a fine marble surface… acid is absolutely inappropriate! We must use neutral or alkaline products, not giving the reactions mentioned above. Among alkaline chemicals, one there is that corrodes marble: chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) reacts with marble giving Calcium Chloride, water-soluble. In addition to chlorine and derived, never used by Bensos as they are both polluting and toxic, here are some examples of products that are NOT recommendable for marble: Antiscaling for bathroom code AC (red label), Descaler code AE (pale green label), the Rinse-aids codes B and BX (pale green label), Citric Acid code ACIT.

Why is recommendable to avoid dewaxing products on marble?

In case of marble treated with wax or paraffin (floors, mosaics), we must avoid dewaxing products too, for ex. containing alcohols (as Multipurpose code MS).

Where there are not sliding issues (as with aged people, or with kids playing and running around), it is better to coat the marble floor with a thin layer of carnauba wax, to make smoother the surface and make easier to move the chairs.

  1. Hi

    Do you think that marble cleaning gels are better or worst than other types of daily marble cleaning products?

    many thanks

    • Hi Alex,
      it depends on which is your main concern: absolute performance by all means or very good performance with low environmental impact. For instance: if a cleaning gel is acrylate-based, for me it may be the best cleaner in the world but I would not think good of it, because acrylates used in detergency are not biodegradable. And so on, looking at ingredients.
      Bensos products suitable for marble cleaning are not gels, they are very concentrated solutions or suspensions of biodegradable ingredients; very comfortable use, no environmental concern.
      Kind regards, Silvia

  2. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on using natural, non-abrasive products and the inclusion of specific examples to avoid. The article demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter, ensuring readers can make informed choices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their marble surfaces. Overall, this article serves as an excellent resource for anyone looking to preserve the natural elegance of their marble and is a testament to the high-quality content provided by

    • Thank you very much, Chris, for your positive feedback. We try to do our best for the customer satisfaction in full respect of environment and human health. Kind regards

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