For (hereinafter: Website) its Users privacy is of the utmost importance. This Privacy Policy defines which data are collected and the way they are used, diffused, transferred and/or archived by the Website.

This website collects some Personal Data of Users according to Reg UE 679/2016 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Data processing Controller:
In case of questions about this Privacy Policy, please follow these contact details:
Silvia Palladini
Via Fibbia 8 25089 – Villanuova sul Clisi (Bs) Italy
Phone: +39 0365 374960
Mail_to: [email protected]

Data types:
Among personal data collected in this website, in an indipendent way or by means of third-party providers, there are: Cookies, Use data, Emails.
Other personal data collected may be cited either in other sections of this privacy policy or through informative texts shown at the moment of collection.
Personal Data can be entered voluntarily by the User itself, or collected automatically during the use of this website.
The potential use of Cookies – or other tracing devices – by this website or by third-parties providers related with this website, unless otherwise stated, is aimed to identify each User and register its preferences for purposes strictly related to the provision of the service requested by the User.
The failure of the User to enter some Personal Data may prevent this Website from providing its service.
The User takes responsibility for Personal Data of other people published or shared through this Website and ensures that he/she is entitled to communicate/diffuse them, releasing the Controller from any responsibility towards those people.

How and where Data are processed
Way of processing
The Controller processes Users’ Personal Data adopting the proper safety measures aimed to avoid their non-authorized access, sharing, alteration and destruction.
The processing is made through cyber or telematic devices, in organisational arrangements and with an approach strictly related to the cited purposes. Besides the Controller, in some cases, may access the Data some categories of delegates involved into the Website managing (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system managing staff) or external subjects (as third-parties technical services providers, postal carriers, hosting providers, computer companies, communication agencies), if necessary designated Arrangement Responsibles by the Controller. The updated list of Responsibles can always be requested to the Controller.
Legal basis of the processing
The Controller processes the User’s Personal Data in one of the following cases:
the User has given consent to one or more specific purposes; Note: in some jurisdictions, the Controller may be allowed to process Personal Data without the User’s consent or other legal reasons specified below, as long as the User does not oppose (“opt-out”) to the processing. However, this is not applicable where European regulation is in force;
the processing is necessary for implementing a contract with the User and/or to execute pre-contract negotiations;
the processing is necessary to the Controller to comply with a legal obligation;
the processing is necessary to accomplish a task of public interest or to exercise the public authority vested in the Controller;
the processing is necessary to fulfil the Controller’s or others’ legitimate interests.
However, the User can always ask to the Controller to clarify the legal basis of each processing, particularly specifing if it is requested by the law, referred to a contract or necessary to conclude a contract.

Data are processed inside the Controller’s operating centre and anywhere else the subjects involved are located. Please contact the Controller for further information.
User’s Personal Data may be transferred in a different Country from the User’s. For more information about the processing place, please read the section about Personal Data processing details.
The User is entitled to obtain information about the legal basis of Data transfer outside European Union or to an public international law organization, or to an organization formed by two or more Countries, as well as about safety measures adopted by the Controller to protect Data.
Whenever such kind of transfers occur, the User can refer to the corresponding sections of this Policy or ask for information to the Controller using contact details.

Storage period
Data are processed and stored for the time necessary to the purposes they have been collected for.
Personal Data collected to execute a contract between the Controller and the User will be retained until contract completion.
Personal Data collected to fulfil the legitimate Controller interest will be retained until complianec of thes interest. The User can read further information referring to the sections of this Policy related to the Controller legitimate interest or ask to the Controller using contact details.
When the processing is made after the User’s consent, the Controller may store Personal Data longer, until the consent is revoked. Moreover, the Controller may be forced to archive Data for a longer period in order to fulfil a legal requirement or a public authority order.
At the end of the storage period, Personal Data will be erased. Consequently, after that the rights to enter, erase, correct and the right of Data portability will no longer be exercisable.

Purposes of collected Data processing
User’s Data are collected to allow the Website to provide the services it is made for, as well as for the following aims: Contacting the User, Managing the contact details and sending email messages, Interacting with social networks and external platforms, Commenting the content, Statistics. Personal Data categories used for each purpose are specified in the corresponding sections in this Policy.
Details of collected Data processing
Personal Data are collected for the following purposes and using the following devices:

Contacting the User
Mailing List or Newsletter (this Website)
Signing in the mailing list or the newsletter, the User’s email contact is automatically put into a contact list which may receive email messages containing even commercial and promotional information, related to this Website. The User’s email contact may be added to this list as a result of its registration to the Website.
Collected Personal Data: Email
Contact form or email sending (this Website)
The User, filling in the contact form with its Data or sending a email, agrees to their use in order to answer to information or quote requests or any other kind of request specified in the form header or in the email content.
Collected Personal Data: Name, Phone/Mobile, Email

Addresses Processing and Mail Sending (newsletter)
Such services allow to manage a email contacts database, phone/mobile contacts or any other kind of contact, used to communicate with the User.
Such services may allow to collect Data related to the date and the time messages have been seen by the Users, as well as to the User’s interaction with them and the information about clicks on the links inside the messages.
Collected Personal Data: Email.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy

SPAM Protection
Such services do analyze the traffic in this Website, potentially containing Users’ Personal Data, in order to filter it from SPAM traffic, messages and content.
Akismet (Automattic Inc.)
Akismet is a SPAM protection service provided by Automattic Inc.
Collected Personal Data: Various kinds of Data according to the service Privacy Policy.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Firewall, antivirus protection and antimalware
Such services do analyze this Website trafic, potentially containing Users’ Personal Data, in order to stop impairment attempts to the Website.
Wordfence Security (Defiant Inc.)
Collected Personal Data: Various kinds of Data according to the service Privacy Policy.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Services contained in this section allow to the Controller to supervise and analyze the traffic Data, in order to track User’s behaviour.

Piwik PRO
Piwik PRO was born from a European company, with the mission to offer a range of solutions for Digital Analytics that puts the privacy of its users and data security first.

Personal data collected: browser cookies, browsing behavior, device information, IP address set anonymously.

Place of processing: DE – Privacy Policy

Matomo On Premise (installed directly on the website and not shared with third parties)
The site also uses the Matomo open source platform for the collection of statistical and anonymous data, installed and managed directly from this website. The Matomo platform uses statistical cookies for its operation, furthermore, no data installed and collected by this website relating to Matomo is shared with third parties.

Comments of content
Services of content comments allow to the Users di write and make public their own comments about this Website content.
The Users, according to the settings chosen by the Controller, may leave their comment even anonymously. If among Personal Data there is email contact, it may be used to send comments notifications about the same content. Users are responsible for their own comments content.
In case of third-party comments service, even if Users do not use this service, such service may collect traffic data related to the pages it is installed in.
– Comment system directly managed (in this Website)

Content on external platforms
Such services allow to visualize content hosted on external platforms directly from this Website pages and to interact with it.
If such service is installed, even if Users do not use it, the service may collect traffic data related to the pages it is installed in.
Widget Video Youtube (Google Inc.)
Youtube service displays video-content managed by Google Inc. which allows to this Website to incorporate such content into its pages.
Collected Personal Data: Cookies and Data of use.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Google Font (Google Inc.)
Google Fonts is a fonts displaying service managed by Google Inc. which allows to this Website to incorporate such content into its pages.
Collected Personal Data: Cookies and Data of use.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Google Maps (Google Inc.)
Google Maps is a maps displaying service managed by Google Inc. which allows to this Website to incorporate such content into its pages.
Collected Personal Data: Cookies and Data of use.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy

DNS services
CloudFlare service optimizes and distributes traffic and is provided by CloudFlare Inc.
CloudFlare integration modes require that the whole Website traffic is filtered, including the communication between this Website and the User’s browser, allowing statistical data collecting as well.
Collected Personal Data: Various kinds of Data according to the service Privacy Policy.
Place of Processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Cookie CloudFlare _cfduid : look into>>>

User’s rights
The Users can exercise their rights referred to the Data processed by the Controller.
In particular, the User is entitled to:
– withdraw its consent in any time. The User may withdraw the consent previously given to its Data processing.
– oppose its Data processing. The User may oppose its Data processing if it occurs with a legal basis other than the consent. Further details about the opposition right are below.
– enter its Data. The User is entitled to obtain information about Data processed by the Controller and some processing aspects, as well as receiving a Data copy.
– verify and make adjustments. The User can verify the Data accuracy and ask for updating or adjustments.
– obtain a processing restriction. When some circumstances occur, the User may request it about its Data. In that case the Controller will not process Data for any other purpose than their storage.
– obtain to erase or remove Personal Data. When some circumstances occur, the User may request this procedure about its Data.
– receive its own Data or make them transfer to another Controller. The User is entitled to receive its Data in a structured, commonly used format, easy to be read by an automatic device and, if technically possible, to obtain their unrestricted transfer to another Controller. This measure is applicable if Data are processed with automatic devices and the processing is based on the User’s consent, on an agreement with the User or on contractual arrangements with it connected.
– lodge a complaint. The User may file a complaint to the or act legally.
Details about the right to object
When Personal Data are processed for the public interest, in the exercise of official authority or to achieve the legitimate interest of the Controller, the Users are entitled to oppose to the processing for their particular situation.
Users should note that, if their Data are processed for direct marketing aims, they can oppose to that processing without any justification being given. To know if the Controller processes Data with direct marketing aims, Users can refer to the corresponding sections of this Policy.
How to exercise the rights
In order to exercise their rights, Users may send a request to the Controller’s contact details specified in this Policy. Requests are deposited for free and handled as soon as possible, however within one month.

Cookie Policy
According to European regulation, we would like to ensure that any User may understand what cookies are and their aims, in order to decide consciously if accept or not their use. A cookie is a little text file containing a univocal identification number, which is transferred from the website to the computer hard disk through an anonymous code; this code is able to identify the computer, not the user, and to supervise passively the activities on the website.
Strictly necessary Cookies
Analytical Cookies
Functional Cookies
Profiling Cookies
The website uses only the first three cookies categories, which no consent is requested for:
1. Strictly necessary Cookies: such cookies are essential to allow the surfing on the website and its functions use, sono essenziali al fine di permettere la navigazione del sito web e l’utilizzo delle sue funzionalità, for example some protected areas login. Without such cookies, some requested functions, as the website login or the creation of a online shopping cart, may not be supplied.
Cookie name: __cfduid
Provider: Used by the contents net Cloudflare to identify reliable web traffic.
Duration: 1 year
2. Analytical Cookie: such cookies collect information about how users do use the website, for example which pages are more often visited, or if users receive error messages from these pages. Such cookies do not collect information that identify the users specifically. All information collected bu such cookies are aggregated, thus anonymous. They are used only to improve the website functioning.
Such cookies are comparable to “technical cookies” when either (i) they are used directly by the website Administrator in order to collect aggregated information, or (ii) they are managed by third-parties and specific devices are used to reduce the cookies capability to identify the users (for example, hiding a substantial part of the IP address) and the third-parties use them only for providing that service. For example, cookies data are stored separately, without crossing or enriching them with other personal data available.
3. Functional Cookies: such cookies consent to the Website to remember the User’s choices (as its username, language, geographic area) in order to optimise and provide more advanced services. Furthermore such cookies may be used to provide other functions requested by the User, such as displaying a video, the opportunity to make comments in a blog. Such information collected by cookies can be anonymous and must not trace the User’s surfing and activities on other websites.
Such cookies may be defined technical cookies too.
Above mentioned cookies are defined persistent and their duration is determined by the server when they are created.
The cookies installed by this website relating to Matomo, for the collection of statistical and anonymous data, are in our total control and are defined as first-party cookies. No data installed and collected by this website for the Matomo functionality is shared with third parties.

Managing cookies preferences
Some of the cookies used in our websites are set by us, instead other cookies are set by third-parties providing services on our behalf.

Third-parties Cookies
Some third-parties cookies are set up by services contained in our pages. They are managed by such services providers and are not under our direct control. We call on Users to check the Privacy Policies and their instructions about how to eliminate cookies set up by such services at the following links. Third-parties have the full responsibility of third-parties cookies. does not accept responsibility for contents and cookies contained in external links, which may be altered without warning by the corresponding providers. We supply to the User the use aims of third-parties cookies and links to their policies.

Keeping on surfing this website, the User accept to use of cookies and acknowledges that he/she has understood this Cookies Policy.

Cookies disablement
In addition to what is above mentioned, the User may manage its preferences about Cookies directly inside its browser and prevent – for example – third-parties from installing Cookies. Through the browser preferences is also possible to eliminate Cookies installed before, including the Cookie containing perhaps the User’s consent to this Website to install Cookies. It is important to note that if all the Cookies are disabled, this Website performance may be impaired.
Each browser has got different procedures to manage settings. The User may obtain specific instructions at tho following links.
Microsoft Windows Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
– The third-parties Cookies disablement is possible with the procedures directly available at those companies that are responsible for data processing, as specified at the links in section “third-parties cookies”
– In addition, in case of services provided by third-parties, the User may exercise its right to oppose to tracing getting info through either the third-party privacy policy, or the opt out link if available or by contacting directly the third-party.
– To gather information about Cookies stored into its own computer and how to disable them one bye one, please open the following link:

Further information about processing
Defence before the courts.
User’s Personal Data may be used by the Controller before the courts or in the various stages leading to its establishment, for defence for abuses in User’s Data or services use. The User declares to be informed that the Controller may be requested to reveal Data to Public Authorities on request.

Specific Information
On User’s request, in addition to information contained into this privacy policy, this Website may supply to the User some contextual information about specific services, or Personal Data collection and processing.
System Log and maintenance
For performance and maintenance necessities, this Website and possibly existing third-parties services may collect system Logs, that is files aimed to register interactions and possibly containing Personal Data, as IP addresses.

Information not contained in this policy
More info related to Personal Data processing may be always requested to the Controller using contact details.
Users’ rights exercise
Subjects who Personal Data are referring to are always entitled to get confirmation of their presence from the Controller, to know their content and origin, to verify the correctness or ask for supplementation, erasing, updating, correction, transformation in anonymous form or locking of Personal Data processed in breach of the law, furthermore to oppose in any case to their processing, for legitimate reasons. Requests must be made to the Controller.
This Website does not support “Do Not Track” requests. To know if third-parties services do support them, please read their privacy policies.

Revisions to this privacy policy
The Controller shall reserve the right to change this privacy policy in any time publicising it on this page. Users are recommended to visit often this page, referring to the date of last modification on the bottom of the page. In case of non-acceptance of changes, the User must cease to use this Website and may request to the Controller to remove its Personal Data. Unless otherwise specified, the previous privacy policy keep on applying to Personal Data collected until then.

Information about this privacy policy
The Controller is responsible for this privacy policy.
Definitions and legal references
Personal Data (or Data)
A personal piece of data is any information related to a physical person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, through reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.

Data of use
They are the personal data collected automatically by the Website (or by the third-parties applications used in it), among them: IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the User connected to the Website, addresses in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier), the request time, the method used to make the request to the server, the size of the file obtained as an answer, the numerical code specific to the type of server answer (good outcome, error, etc.), the country of origin, the User’s browser and operative system properties, the visit various time connotations (for example the permanence time on each page) and the details of the path into the Website, particularly referring to the read pages sequence, to the operative system parameters and to the User’s IT environment.

The person which uses this Website, who must match with the Interested person or be authorized by him and whose Personal Data are processed.
Interested person
The natural person or legal entity who Personal Data are referred to.

Data processing Responsible (or Responsible)
The natural person, the legal entity, the public authority and any other institution, association or organization mandated by the Controller to the

Data processing, according to this privacy policy.

Data processing Controller (or Controller)
The natural person, the legal entity, the public authority and any other institution, association or organization who must, also together with another owner, make decisions about the purpose, the way of data processing and the devices to be used, including the safety profile, in relationship with this Website performance and fruition. The Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the Owner of this Website.

This Website
The hardware or software through which Users’ Personal Data are collected.

The service provided by such as it is defined in the related terms (if present) on this Website.

European Union (or EU)
Unless otherwise specified, any reference to the EU inside this document is intended as extended to all the member Countries of EU and of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Little amount of data stored into the User’s device.

Legal references
This privacy policy is written in accordance with many regulations, included Reg EU/2016/679, Articles 13 and 14.
Unless otherwise specified, this privacy policy applies exclusively at