bensos detergents for clean air in bedroomsNightime, bedrooms are usually filling with stale air; without realising it, we go on breathing it becoming exposed to a lot of long-term toxic (either natural or synthetic) chemicals, including: some solvents released by walls paintings; formaldehyde, together with solvents and other chemicals, present in furniture glues and paintings; radon, a natural gas developing from the earth through houses foundations, if they are not well sealed, especially in some regions; some chemicals – particularly certain solvents and allergenic fragrances – contained in laundry detergents (for blanket and dresses) and in floor cleaners.

First of all, the standard practice to decrease chemicals concentration is to ventilate abundantly the rooms everyday. Another good suggestion is to paint the walls with a solvent-free coating, like lime coloured with mineral pigments. For day-by-day use, laundry detergents and floor cleaners are recommended if they release neither allergens nor long-term toxics.

Bensos’ products are allergen-free and contain no long-term toxic chemicals.


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