Bensos’ products are highly biodegradable!

All ingredients (except for mineral salts) are easily biodegradable according to OECD Tests 301 A-F or equivalent.

Bensos’ products show low toxicity for aquatic life!

Aquatic organisms are generally exposed to higher toxic effects by detergents than terrestrial ones. Our products protect them!

Bensos’ products show low long-term toxicity for human beings!

We selected low toxicity chemicals, particularly analyzing long-term toxicity data from peer reviewed institutional databases and validated scientific libraries. This approach allows us to avoid carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive effectors, endocrine disruptors and allergens. Following it, we don’t use enzimes, essential oils, nanoparticles. Generally we dont’ use bioaccumulating ingredients, except olive oil derivatives and some cosmetics raw materials (such as liposoluble vitamins, natural butters and oils, natural derived oil based substances) however checked for toxicity and reasonably classifiable as non-toxic.
Researchers are studying our products. Peer reviewed articles about their studies are partially published (Elsevier), partially underway.

The ingredients of Bensos’ products are principally of renewable origin

Some products contain 98%, some 95%… Our target is reaching 100% of renewable origin ingredients, as long as they fulfil all ecologic and toxicological requirements.

Bensos’ detergents are made by ourselves!

Bensos is owner of its factory, equipped with the Research & Development laboratory where dr. Palladini invents and improves formulations; then detergents are manufactured and bottled in the production unit, that is placed inside the factory.

All packaging is fully recyclable!

Every bottles, jars, jerry cans, barrels, tanks and labels we use to package our products are made of fully recyclable materials (HDPE, LDPE, PP). We exclude both multilayer plastics (non recyclable) and slowly biodegradable soluble plastics, such as polyvynyl alcohol (actually common as “single dose” packaging).
Bensos promotes the reuse of packaging.

Bensos’ products are… effective!

Even if they are very ecologic and low toxicity, they run as much as conventional non-ecologic detergents. See for yourself…

Bensos illustrates willingly any path it follows!

We believe in people. In other words: we believe that people can understand technical explanations, if clearly illustrated. Obviously, the speaker is responsible of statements accuracy and truthfulness.