Cleaning in the kitchen: washing up and washing by machine

Who is looking for both ecologic and effective detergents, at the same time free from toxics and from allergens, is going to find them at Bensos.

Washing Up Liquid code PD is very efficient in degreasing crockery, however it is safe for hands, thanks to natural soothing ingredients in high concentration.

Household Dishwasher code EQ is effective as much as the best non-ecologic dishwashers on the market. Useful are the Rinse Aid code B and the Machine Descaler code AE.

Depending on the kind of stains and dirt, from slightly dirty surfaces to highly greasy working plans, you can choose among various multipurpose detergents.

Oven & Stainless Steel Cleaner code F is an alkaline degreaser recommended to treat incrustations of scorched milk on steely pots.

Citric Acid code ACIT is a very good natural descaler.

All these products solve cleaning problems without affecting the environment: each ingredient was chosen thanks to its ready biodegradability (OECD Tests 301 A-F) if not mineral. In-depth studies about ingredients long-term toxicity allow us to exclude genotoxics, reprotoxics, teratogens, endocrine disruptors and allergens.

Kitchen cleaning products

  • Jelly household dishwasher
    Jelly household dishwasher
    Code EL Jelly alkaline detergent for household dishwasher. Concentrated, rich in natural innovative ingredients, it degreases perfectly glasses, cutlery, crockery and pans. Fragrance-free. Compared to...
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  • Salt for dishwasher
    Salt for dishwasher
    Cod. SALE Unlike table salt, containing edible antiplatelet agents, this salt (sodium chloride) is so pure that it is perfectly suitable for water softeneres placed...
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  • Oven & Stainless Steel Cleaner
    Oven & Stainless Steel Cleaner
    Code F Medium foam alkaline for household use, suitable to remove caked dirt and hard-to-wash grease stains. Recommended to clean not only oven inside, but...
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  • Solvay Soda alkaline detergent powder
    Solvay Soda alkaline detergent powder
    Code SODS Water soluble mineral alkaline powder, showing degreasing action as it saponifies greasy soil. It has an abrasive action too, useful in case of...
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  • Descaler for Laundry & Dishwasher Machine
    Descaler for Laundry & Dishwasher Machine
    Code AE Not foaming detergent, citric and lactic acid based, easy to rinse. It does not leave traces on surfaces. Neither phosphorus, nor fragrances, nor...
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  • Citric acid
    Citric acid
    Code ACIT Pure monohydrated citric acid, food grade. With acid pH, its aqueous solutions shows good sequestering power (towards not only calcium and magnesium ions,...
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  • Household Dishwasher Liquid
    Household Dishwasher Liquid
    Code EQ Alkaline liquid detergent for dishwasher. Very efficient in degreasing glasses, crockery and cutlery. It is recommended to couple it with Rinse aid code...
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  • Household Rinse Aid
    Household Rinse Aid
    Code B Acid based (citric and lactic) rinse aid. It prevents lime stains on glasses and crockery, making easier to dry. Dosage… WARNING: don’t mix...
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  • Washing up Liquid: degreasing and deodorizing
    Washing up Liquid: degreasing and deodorizing
    Code PD Low foaming, it combines degreasing power on the crockery with soothing effect on hands. Neutral pH, allergen-free. Low foam is one of Bensos’...
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