Detergents and hygienizers for hard surfaces

detergents and hygienizers for hard surfacesOften we look for a cleaning product which fulfills not only ecologic features, but also is a “factotum”, suitable for surfaces stained with grease, floors, bathroom… Bensos’ answer is Universal Degreaser code MC: aimed to steam cleaners, it is also a good fabric degreaser, a car cleaner, etc. Several professional uses are included.

Bensos created other surfaces detergents too, each one focused to particular uses and users: for example, Rinseless Multipurpose code MS is an alcohol based concentrated detergent suitable for floor rinseless cleaning if diluited, for stainless steel polishing as well as removing ink stains from fabrics if non diluted.
To clean floors of medium dirt by hand, Bensos suggests Alkaline Floorwasher by Hand code MP.

Windows and Dust Cleaner code V is the lighter product we make; on the contrary, Strong Degreaser code SF is one of the most powerful.

To clean dirt associated with lime from bathroom surfaces, Bensos recommends Antiscaling Detergent code AC.

Bensos created “Linea Forte”, an array of hygienizers and other products containing only one ingredient showing high toxicity vs. aquatic organisms. Hygienizers contain a biocide (a quaternary ammonium salt), chosen for its high biodegradability and low long-term human toxicity. Between them: Readyhygiene code IV (to sanify surfaces just cleaned), Neutral Hygienizer code IN (to clean and sanify bathroom fixture), Concentrated Hygienizer code IP (alkaline floor cleaner and sanifier, to be diluted before use) and other professional products, such as Hygienizing Acid code AI (aimed for cheese factories floors and food mills hard surfaces).

These all functions are covered taking into maximum consideration environmental impact, which is close to zero: each ingredient was chosen for ready biodegradability (according to OECD Tests 301 A-F), safe mineral ones, and for its low long-term human toxicity. In-depth scientific literature studies, associated with in-vitro tests made on our finished products by university researchers, allow us to exclude genotoxics, reprotoxics, teratogens and endocrine disruptors. We all must always remember that children are often exposed to cleaning products both in their homes and in community buildings (kindergartens, schools).
Surface cleaners are often perfumed with fragrances containing allergens; Bensos products are allergen-free.

Hard surface cleaners

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