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This detergent is characterized by its good degreasing power, due both to its mildly alkaline pH and to its synergistic ingredients, combined with its low foaming effect.

These two features make it a versatile product, a real help both in domestic tasks and in professional cleanings. It works well from degreasing hard surfaces in the kitchen, to treating clothes before laundry, to efficiently cleaning bathroom fixture, to cleaning the floor after dilution… to cleaning externally sailboats and motorboats… to being used diluted with high pressure water jet machines in car-washing… to automatic cleaning of wine bottling lines… a real multipurpose product indeed!

It is free from fragrance and from solvents, so it can safely used also with steam-cleaning machines, as it does not release harmful fumes.

In hotel it shows to be a very efficient product both in degreasing kitchen hard surfaces and during daily cleanings of bathrooms.

All ingredients are readily biodegradable (OECD Test 301), show low human toxicity, are not bioaccumulating. Neither phosphorus, nor solvents, nor dyes contained.

Available package: 750 mL spray bottle, 5L container, 20L economy-size container

Technical sheet download: here

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