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lavare-bucatoA complete array of ecologic but effective products and, at the same time, without long-term toxic chemicals and allergens.

People suffering of atopic dermatitis told to us that they solved their problems just replacing usual detergents with Bensos’ ones, so removing allergens and sensitizing chemicals from their dresses.

The “base packet” we suggest to start with is set up with the Laundry Detergent code H together with the Bleaching Powder Code D, for the following reasons:
1) no optical brighteners are contained: they are not biodegradable and they show long-term toxicity, that’s why we don’t use them to make fabrics bright of a fluorescent light and to cover hard-to-wash stains. So we recommend to associate Bensos’ Laundry Detergent with the Bleaching Powder, oxigen peroxide based, both to neutralize natural greying tendency of cotton and to remove definitely some kinds of stains.
2) no fragrances are contained in Laundry Detergent: usually their main function is to hide smells due to bad washing or to bad drying, for a number of reasons. Bleaching Powder suppresses odours and sanifies.

Other products for laundry: Perfumed Fabric Softener code A (with hypoallergenic certified fragrance, without phtalates), Delicate Fabrics Detergent code HD (for wool and silk, but also for coloured delicate summery dresses, Universal Degreaser code MC (suitable for collars, cuffs and greasy stains), Liquid Castile Soap code SAPMAR (suitable for greasy stains and for blood traces), Solvay Soda code SODS (for heavy laundry), Descaler for Laundry & Dishwasher Machine Code AE, Citric Acid code ACIT (alternative to the fabric softener), Laundry Fragrance code FB (with hypoallergenic certified fragrance, without phtalates). On request we supply Hydrogen Peroxide130 voll. code H2O2.

These all tasks are completed minimizing environmental impact, which is close to zero: each ingredient – safe mineral ones – is chosen for ready biodegradability (according to OECD Tests 301 A-F) and for low long-term human toxicity. Our in-depth studies of scientific literature, associated with in-vitro tests on our finished products made by university researchers, permit us to exclude mutagens, reprotoxics and teratogens, endocrine disruptors. Laundry products are often perfumed with fragrances containing allergens; Bensos products instead are allergen-free.

Ecologic products for your laundry

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