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Alkaline laundry additive (pure sodium percarbonate). Neither fragrance, nor optical brighteners contained. It allows to bleach and sanify fabrics avoiding chlorine bleach, which shows high environmental impact and long-term toxicity.

Sodium percarbonate is useful in:
− preventing natural greying of fabrics during repeated washings,
− removing fruit and wine stains;
− pretreating laundry with the aim of sanifying (underwear, etc.);
− higienyzing hard surfaces (as the toilet bowl syphon).

Warning: not to be mixed with acid pH products!

As sodium percarbonate is an alkaline salt that releases hydrogen peroxide, it is better not to touch it with damp hands; for the reason, powder must not be inhalated. Hydrogen peroxide shows high toxicity towards skin and mucous membrane, so direct contact must be avoided. However, its toxicity is “temporary” because this molecule is highly unstable: hydrogen peroxide wholly reacts giving oxygen and water, whose toxicity is null.

Available package: 1 Kg can, 1 Kg refill bag, 2 Kg wide-opening bottle, 5 Kg economy-size container

Technical sheet download:  qui

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