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Prodotti personalizzati di detergenzaWe create customized formulations, helping you to achieve environmental certificates (ISO14000, EMAS) goals and to reduce the impact of your business on delicate environments (ex.: natural parks, lakes, rivers).

Our Research & Development Laboratory is able to study and prepare ecologic substitutes to “non-eco” products that you are using in your facility, for example washing pieces during production, cleaning machinery, working plans or floors, both by hand or by machine.

If your workers suffer from allergic reactions to common detergents, we may help you to solve the matter by proposing you effective products completely allergen-free.
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Example of customized formulations

  • Super Degreaser code MA
    Super Degreaser code MA
    Code MA Low-foaming degreaser for hard surfaces, medium alkalinity, aimed to be used both manually with a sponge and with high pressure water jet cleaner...
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  • Hygienizing Acid
    Hygienizing Acid
    Code AI Low-foaming detergent, lactic acid based, easy to rinse. It does not release toxic fumes because it does contain neither mineral acids nor solvents....
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