Cleaning products

Prodotti di pulizia per la casa

For house

Bensos’ R&D formulates very carefully a lot of specific products for house.

For business

Our Research & Development Laboratory is able to study and prepare ecologic substitutes to “non-eco” products.

pulizia hotel e ristoranti

For hotels and restaurants

Bensos proposes cleaning products for hotels and tourist accomodations.

Cosmetic detergency companies

Personal companies detergency and care products.

We makers of natural detergents since 2007!

Bensos’ Social Responsibility as a natural detergents producer.

Environmentally friendly detergency products

Cleaning in the kitchen

Products aimed at cleaning crockery, pottery, cutlery and glasses either by hand or by machine.

Products for laundry

The “base package” we suggest to start with is set up with Laundry Liquid Detergent and Stain Removing Powder, for the following reasons.

detergents and hygienizers for hard surfaces

For hard surfaces

Detergents and sanitizers for all surfaces.

Body cleaners and creams

Every body detergent and cream is particularly biologically friendly and rich in moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

All products for laundry

Bensos’ products are highly biodegradable! Become reseller!

Bensos in video

Why choose Bensos products?

  • Highly biodegradable
  • Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies
  • Non-toxic with longterm effects
  • Ingredients of vegetable origin
  • Bensos products… are effective!

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