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Detergent with neutral pH aimed to pre-treat both normal and delicate laundry in a basin, or even in a machine with controlled water dosage. In household use, the “right-dose” bottle is very useful to measure precise detergent amounts.

This product performs an important hygienizing and deodorizing function against bacteria, moulds and yeasts responsible of bad smells. It is particularly useful in case of sweaty sportsware, or of fabrics dirty with very smelling soil (as regurgitation or vomit, etc.).

It is generally recommended for normal fabrics, but it is suitable for wool and delicate cloths too as it has neutral pH. However it is not recommended for fabrics not washable with fabric-softener (ex.: microfiber), as it contains cationic surfactants (with electrostatic properties similar to those of fabric-softeners surfactants). For cleaning particularly delicate clothes, it is recommended to try the product in a hidden corner of the cloth. The product is fragrance-free.

The hygienizing agent contained, even if it is highly biodegradable and non-toxic for human beings, shows a certain toxicity against aquatic organisms (the brand Linea Forte is dedicated to this kind of products); so this product must be used in the right amount, without sparing it. As with all hygienizers (and antibiotic drugs, which conceptually work in the same way), we recommend to use this product only when it is really useful; for other situations, it is better to use normal not-hygienizing detergents.

How to use it:  pour 50 ml in 5 liters of warm or hot water (or even cold, if washing instructions on clothes recommend it). Soak clothes for at least 15 minutes, then rinse thouroughly with clean water. After that, wash normally in laundry machine with Laundry Liquid code H.

Available package: 1 L bottle, 5L container, 20L economy-size container

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