Code H
Aimed to both machine and by-hand wash, it is recommended for linen and colourfast clothes.
Efficient at low temperatures too, it is very low foaming.

The “base packet” we suggest to start with is arranged with the Laundry Liquid Detergent code H and the Bleaching Powder code D.

For recommended ways of use, please read our How To’s like this: How to wash laundry with Bensos’ products and other similar.

This detergent is particularly recommended for washing during travels, because it is low foaming.

dosage for full load (4,5 Kg clothes): see the table (80 ml = 1 coffee cup. 1 cap = 100 ml. 1°FH French Hardness = 10 mg/L CaCO3).

Water hardness < 20° FH 20 – 30° FH > 30° FH
Low dirt 40 ml 60 ml 100 ml
Medium dirt 60 ml 80 ml 120 ml
Full dirt 80 ml 100 ml 140 ml

All ingredients are readily biodegradable (OECD Test 301), show low human toxicity, are not bioaccumulating. No phosphorus, allergen, optical brighteners, dyes contained. No coconut soap, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium cocoyl sulfate contained.

Available package: 2 L bottle, 5L container, 20L economy-size container

Technical sheet download:   here

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