Cleaning products for Hotels

pulizia-hotelBensos proposes cleaning products for hotels and tourist accomodations: a wide range of ecological detergents specifically created to solve any cleaning problems in professional kitchens, halls and hotels sleeping rooms.

Since its establishment, Bensos focused its attention on professional kitchen detergents: really new products, aimed to combine environmental and health care with both the requirements of effectiveness and the compatibility with dosage systems. Subsequently, Research & Development department extended its attention first on kitchen hard surfaces hygiene, taking account of HACCP regulation, then on sleeping rooms and halls floors cleaning. The experience in the field allowed Bensos to improve and customize products performance, thus our detergents are now especially efficient and competitive towards non-ecological premium professional products.

Why a hotel owner should choose Bensos‘ products?
– The products of higher consumption are concentrated!
Our professional dishwasher detergents (Hard Water Professional Dishwasher Code EZ and Softened Water Professional Dishwasher Code EX) need very low dosages! Suitable both for hood-type dishwashers and for glasswashers, dosages start from 0,5 g/L (with softened water) and show a very high quality washing: dishes, glasses and cutlery result perfectly degreased and shiny. Extra Professional Rinse Aid code BX is a very good product too. In addition, as bleaching, hygienizing and deodorizing agent (in presence of proteic soil and fruity juice stains, for example) we gave up definitively chlorine additives, choosing to couple Oxygen Peroxide code H2O2 and Bleaching Additive for Dishwasher code ADAO; this choice allows customers both to save money and to protect the Nature. For the maintenance, we recommend the Descaler code AE.

Each product is designed to give the best possible outcome!
From the Windows and Dust Cleaner code V for windows, mirrors and shelves in bedrooms and halls, to the Universal Degreaser code MC for kitchen hard surfaces and bathroom fixtures, to the hygienizers for hard surfaces, to the Multipurpose code MS for floors cleaning, to the disagreable (smoky, stuffy) smells from bedrooms, to Citric Acid code ACIT (specific for tea boilers and pasta cookers), to Benè Biogel Hand Cleanser code DMH (delicately perfumed, certified for use by children under 3): each product was designed and tested to satisfy any customer’s need, making neither ecological nor toxicological compromises.

The lack of allergens prevents or solves (if present) allergies and skin rashes in Users!
Waiters and maids appreciate to use our floor, hard surface and bathroom detergents, as all the products do not generate fumes; fragrances are certified IFRA, hypoallergenic and phtalatefree. Chefs usually like very much our Washing Up Liquid code PD, as it shows good degreasing effect together with good moisturizing properties, but also like Strong Degreaser code SF (for cast-iron barbecues and hood) as not exhaling fumes.

Bedrooms cleaning products are transferrable from containers to bottles, according to the waitresses’ needs!
Waitresses have their own routine; Bensos supplies the most comfortable dispensers according to that.

Our Technical Assistance is accurate and careful!
The artisan care Bensos applies in products manufacturing is showed in technical assistance to hotels too, during tourism season;

The use of ecological and hypoallergenic cleaning agents can be communicated to the hotel customers, as an added value!
Your customers will feel better in a hotel showing to be so careful about environment and health protection! In particular, families pay more and more attention to avoid the exposition to toxic chemicals. The will to reduce environmental impact is diffusing too.
To make easier your communication to the customers, Bensos guarantees and complies with its stricts ecolgical and toxicological Criteria, listed in each Technical Sheet. Bensos is available for any question about communication.

Cleaning products for Hotels

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