Code BECAL50

Moisturizing cream with soothing effects containing Calendula officinalis flower extract. Intended for all the family, it contains neither allergens nor parabens, phtalates nor other ingredients suspected to be endocrine disruptors; it is Nickel Tested (Ni < 0,00001% according to APAT CNR IRSA method nr. 3200 Man 29 2003).

Delicately perfumed with a IFRA certified hypoallergenic fragrance.

It fulfils the requirements to be considered suitable for sensitive skins (Patch Test upon Sensitive Skin made on 20 volunteers (48 hour Repeated Closed Patch Test under Occlusion) by the Biomedical Sciences Department of the Sassari University.

It does contain high amounts of cocoa butter and shea butter and, in addition, coconut oil and sunflower oil.

Marygold extracts and E Vitamin, the last contained in low concentration (according to Norwegian Food Safety Authority guidelines, 2012) in order to avoid the concerning pro-oxidizing effects and other secondary effects, do give high soothing and repairing effects to the skin.

No anti-oxidative agents specific for greasy ingredients have been used, particularly BHA and BHT, as they are suspected endocrine disruptors. All components are easily biodegradable according OECD Tests 301 and have been selected because they are not long-term toxic. Apart from preservatives and some components of the fragrance (whose components are both natural and synthetic), all the ingredients are of vegetable origin.

Very ecological packaging: glass jar with aluminum cap, all perfectly recyclable.

Available packaging:  50 mL jar

Download: here

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