professional detergentsCode HDBEN

Main features:

  • very effective
  • suitable for wool, coloured fabrics, functional clothes and tecnhnical sportswear
  • allergen-free
  • no perfume
  • no optical brighteners or dyes
  • ecological, as all Bensos products

Concentrated neutral detergent particularly suitable for the following fibres categories:

  • wool, cachemire, washable silk;
  • delicate and coloured cotton;
  • synthetic and technical clothes, both for protective or functional use and for use in sports.

Applicable for automatic dosage.

It meets the needs of Customers who care for environmental protection and health care even using laundry services and hotel accomodations.

This product may be coupled with Hydrogen Peroxide or Peracetic acid. In both cases we recommend to use also the Additive for Hydrogen Peroxide code ADAO, in order to optimize washing results. For more info please send us a message.

All non-mineral ingredients are easily biodegradable (OECD tests 301), show low toxicity vs. aquatic organisms, no long-term toxicity vs. human beings, are not bioaccumulable. No phosphorus nor chlorine. No allergens.

For professional use only.

Available packaging: 2 L container, 5 L container, 20 L container

Technical sheet download: here

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