Pure monohydrated citric acid, food grade. With acid pH, its aqueous solutions shows good sequestering power (towards not only calcium and magnesium ions, but also heavy metals) and low corrosiveness towards steel, particularly when compared with vinegar. Consequently it is suitable for many applications:
− in the kitchen: to replace household rinse-aid; in dishwasher periodic care; as a descaler on the sink; in descaling tea boilers;
− in the bathroom: as a surfaces descaler; as an effective cleaner of the toilet bowl, especially under the water level;
− in hard surfaces cleaning: to remove both lime scaling and heavy metals oxides incrustations;
− in laundry: instead of fabric softener.

WARNING: don’t mix with other detergents, don’t apply to surfaces sensitive to acids (as marble).

This product is readily biodegradable (OECD Test 301), shows low aquatic organisms and human toxicity, is not bioaccumulating.

Available package: 0,8 Kg can, 0,8 refill bag, 4 Kg economy-size container

Technical sheet download: here

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