Pulire_ecologicamenteOften it happens to watch advertising spots talking about various degreasers and their innovative cleaning properties… but never thinking about environmental care or low toxicity.

Indeed, good cleaning risults can be achieved by a very ecological and nontoxic product too, as Bensos’ Universal Degreaser!

Let’s see which situations we may use this eclectic product… First of all in the kitchen to clean burners, sink and greasy surfaces, also with old soil. It is being used in professional kitchens too, to clean worktables, stainless steel doors and walls. It is low-foaming, so rinsing spares few water.

In laundry it is a good pretreater for greasy stains, collars and cuffs. It removes efficiently bicycle chain grease from garments.

It makes easier bathroom cleaning, as it degreases well and it is easy-to-rinse. Bacteria live preferably inside greasy soil; removing grease is a way to eliminate bacteria without disinfecting all too often.

House floor is well washed if Universal Degreaser is diluted 1:100 or even 1:200 (a little more than 2 tablespoons in 5 litres of water). No fragrances, no long-term toxic chemicals: that’s why it is suitable for cleaning rooms where kids use to play.

A good way to wash cars is by high pressure water jet machines, but the best is to add Universal Degreaser!

Is is suitable for steam cleaners too: it does not emit fumes and it does not leave residuals.

It can be used as carpet-cleaner, with machines able to clean-and-extract soil.

There are a lot of industrial applications: wine bottling lines cleaning, rubber items process cleaning, fruit jam workshops cleaning… and so on and so forth!

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