Main features:

  • as such: recommended for degreasing worktables, oily stains on clothes
  • diluted: suitable for cleaning floors and other hard surfaces
  • very low foaming
  • no allergens inside
  • no perfume
  • ecological, as all Bensos’ products

Low foaming concentrated alkaline detergent, for a variety of uses. Originally intended for cleaning hard surfaces with pressure washers and professional steam cleaners, then it revealed to be more and more versatile, being suitable both for clothes and industrial hardware too.  Here some examples of uses by our Customers:

  • as such: industrial oven cleaning (rubber industry)
  • as such: worktables degreasing (professional kitchens)
  • as such: bathroom fixture cleaning (schools)
  • diluted 1: 200: floor cleaning (schools)

Neither perfume nor solvents, nor allergens are contained; no toxic fumes emitted.

All organic ingredients are easily biodegradable ( OECD tests 301), show low toxicity towards aquatic organisms and human beings, are not bioaccumulable. Neither phosphorus nor chlorine contained.

Intended exclusively for professional use.

Available packaging: 750 ml bottle, 5 Lt container, 20L economy-size container

Download technical sheet:

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