Main features:

  • as such: suitable for cleaning worktables, pretreating greasy stains on clothes
  • diluted: recommendable for floor washing and items cleaning during manufacturing processes
  • very low foaming
  • not perfumed
  • allergen-free
  • as all other Bensos’ products, very ecological

Averagely alkaline concentrated, low foaming detergent, it was initially studied to be used with professional hard surfaces steam cleaners and pressure washer; then it showed to be useful in lot of cleaning situations.

Here some example of tested use by Customers:

  • as such: worktables and stainless steel doors degreasing (professional kitchens)
  • as such: bathroom fixtures daily cleaning (hotel)
  • diluted 1: 200: floor cleaning (kindergarten)
  • diluted: items degreasing during/after manufacturing processes (rubber industry)

Neither perfume nor solvents contained: it does not develop fumes during normal use.

For hard surfaces in contact with food, it is recommended to degrease thoroughly with Degrysos, rinse well with a wet or damp sponge; then spray Readyhygiene for an antimicrobial finishing, leaving it work for 15 minutes and then removing residuals with a damp paper towel.

All organic ingredients are easily biodegradable (OECD test 301), show low toxicity towards aquatic organisms and no long-term human toxicity, are not bioaccumulable. Neither phosphorus nor chlorine contained. Allergen-free.

Intended for exclusive professional use.

Available packaging: 750 ml bottle, 5 Lt containers, 20L economy-size container

Download technical sheet: here

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