Code MS

Neutral pH concentrated foaming detergent for hard surfaces, alcohol based, suitable for floor cleaning too, after dilution (so it was orginally called “rinseless”).
Not diluted, it cleans marker pens (not permanent) ink from worktops and fabrics. It cleans and polishes stainless steel surfaces too.

It can be used also to discourage ants from settling in our houses: it creates a film, on insects body, that obstructs breathing; after killing some few ants, the whole colony will change its path, choosing finally to resettle outside the house.
No toxic residuals, just some traces of the detergent to be rinsed with a sponge.

All ingredients are readily biodegradable (OECD Test 301), show low human toxicity, are not bioaccumulating. Neither phosphorus, nor dyes contained.

Available package: 750 mL bottle, 2L bottle, 5L container, 20L economy-size container
Technical sheet download: here

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