Drinking water and its protection is a topical issue: in industrialized countries it is used for anything, also unimportant things, instead in developing countries water is not enough even for daily basic needs. Protection objectives are fulfilled both avoiding groundwater pollution and finding methods to spare clean water.

In detergency, products which need little rinsing water are very useful to meet this goal, in particular detergents whose active ingredients are concentrated, which show high efficacy even with low dosages and develop low foam at those dosages.

Among Bensos’ products, Delicate Fabrics Detergent code HD is outstanding for sparing rinsing water: unlike most wool detergents on the market, it is really efficient – wooly fabrics and delicate clothes (including lingerie and swimwear) result really cleaned and deodorized – small amounts are needed and, if correctly used, only few times per rinse are required.

Bensos’ products aim is to reduce or eliminate all cleanings impact on the environment and human health, preserving both sustainability and ease of use.

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