Panni_stesiLaundry liquid detergent code H can be added directly to the machine drum. It is suitable for linen (bed linen, bath towels, tableclothes, dish rags, etc.) and colourfast clothes, as cotton shirts, jeans, pile sweatshirts, not-delicate underwear, etc.

In case of oil stains, greasy dirt on tableclothes or dish rags, we recommend to wet, then pre-treat with Universal Degreaser code MC or with Liquid Castile Soap code SAPMAR, stroke and put in laundry machine.

How to use the Bleaching Powder code D

Laundry liquid detergent code H is active even at low temperatures (15-20°C); particularly in this condition, it is recommended to pretreat underwear in basin with hot water and Bleaching Powder code D to sanify it.

To bleach laundry, add 2-3 tablespoons of Bleaching Powder code D to the machine drum (or in the drawer) for normal laundry: this is the most ecological way to prevent cotton from naturally getting grey for repeated washings.

When we wash dark coloured clothes, it is better to reduce the amount of Bleaching Powder, to avoid the creation of lime stains originated by the powder itself. Anyway it is recommended, because its sanifying action prevents moulds from developing upon clothes, with unpleasant odours, especially during winter rainy days.

Bleaching Powder code D can be directly applied on fruit or wine stains: wet with warm water, scatter the powder upon the stain, then let it for 0,5 – 2 hours (strong cotton) before rinsing.

Warning: always wear rubber gloves when handling Bleaching Powder! Hands skin must be protected against hydrogen peroxide, which is developped by the powder when it is put into contact with water.

Perfume of cleanliness!

Using correctly Laundry liquid detergent code H, Bleaching Powder code D and, if the case, the degreasers, laundry will be fresh and fragrant, with neither bad odours nor artificial and persistent perfumes.
A lot of housewives use Fabric Softener too, to make clothes softer and to smell a flowery fragrance. On demand, Bensos produces it without fragrance too.

In rainy days, clothes get dry with difficulty, so bacteria and moulds can settle into fibres and produce bad odours. Sometimes, the odours are very light, so we don’t really identify the problem; but the second time it occurs on the same cloth, the problem gets stronger and stronger.
In this case it is recommended a sanifying pretreatment with the Bleaching Powder: leave the clothes soaking well with it before washing in laundry machine. Then pay specific attention to the drying phase.
For customers who are particularly used to perfumed clothes, but are not used to fabric softeners, Bensos created the Laundry Fragrance code FB, based on an hypoallergenic and phtalate-free perfume. This product must be added to the machine dispenser aimed for the fabric softener.
It is specifically made to leave on clothes a light and delicate, not persistent perfume.

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