Houses where pets live, or else courtyards where they use to pass, may sometimes need some deodorizing action, specially when dogs or cats mark their territory with a scent-marking.

The problem of cleaning and removing bad smells must be solved without polluting and without releasing toxic or allergizing chemicals, for a number of reasons not only linked with the environment:

  • often children use to play with pets in the same places they live;
  • it may be useful to avoid sensitizing products for pets’ health;
  • specially in case of closed environments as houses rooms, we should avoid to use toxic agents.

The solution proposed by Bensos collects all these issues: efficacy, ecologicity, lack of long-term chemicals, all in one allergen-free product named Concentrated Hygienizer code IP, available in delicately perfumed version too, with neither allergens nor phtalates. It hygienizes as well as deodorizes, with respect for the environment as it contains only rapidly biodegradable ingredients, according to OECD Tests 301, and a little amount of fragrance.

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