What does coffee have to do with Bensos products, some people will wonder… Well, the answer deals with self-production and with cosmetic treatments.

Women’s face skin, particularly when it is not so young anymore, needs periodically a cleaning of dead cells from outermost surface. When we feel our skin as though it lost its softness and it is not well breathing (a technical term is”asphyxial skin”), that is the right moment to give it relief and to make a scrub: a slightly abrasive massage, added to a delicate washing, makes the skin fresh and bright.

On the market there are various products more or less efficient, so far often characterized by the presence of plastics microgranules; according to an emendament approved by Italian Chamber Financial Commission in 2017 december, starting with the 2020 january 1st such materials in cosmetics will be forbidden in Italy, in order to preserve the sea and the sea food chains from such polluting agents. We have looked at the microplastics issue before, see this article.

Exfoliating detergents may contain mineral powders too; however such ingredients need to be coupled with dispersant agents, usually not very ecological, in order not to lump together at the bottom of the bottle. Or peach or apricot minced kernels, which, on an industrial scale, must be previously irradiated with powerful decontaminating radiations, for preserving reasons; such irradiations, under certain conditions, showed to generate free radicals, able to modify some materials (Naki Sivri et al, 2008) and leaving some doubts about their safety.

Otherwise, it is possible to prepare a good face scrub, that does need neither polluting ingredients nor gamma-rays treated kernels, mixing directly on the hand a little amount of ground coffee with a bit of Biogel Hands & Face Benè: first wash with fresh water, then put on the face the mixture rubbing delicately, a little more intensely in proximity to impurities; then rinse thoroughly.

Coffee is available on the market in various grinding degrees and in no caffeine versions; the advantage as scrub ingredient is that its action is not too abrasive, very mild indeed towards face skin; Biogel cleans in a very soft way, counterbalancing surfactants action with high concentrations of soothing agents. The result is an efficient and natural-based mixture. A little bit of Moisturizing Cream Benè does complete the cosmetic treatment, by bringing it to the level of a beauty shop.

Even with Sodium Bicarbonate it is possible to make up scrubs, although we recommend them for less delicate body parts only, as heels, not indeed for the face as it is too much abrasive.


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