Bensos’ Horeca (hotel, restaurant and catering)-specific products are very efficient; some of them, particularly the ones aimed to professional machine dishwashing, are very concentrated too and, if correctly dosed, allow economic savings as compared to cheap low-quality products.

In addition to such good reasons, there are other features that may be interesting for hotel and restaurant owners who want to stand out in the market of accomodation and tourist services due to their ethical and ecological choices.

Among main parameters that hotels must fulfil in order to obtain ecological certificates, such as Ecolabel for Tourist Accomodation, TravelLife, EMAS and ISO 14000, there are the wastewater environmental impact lowering, that deals with the ecological detergents and cleansers choice, and the health and safety issues improvement, that deals with the choice of products free from allergens and from long-term toxic substances.

All these issues were fully considered by Bensos in creating products: the very high biodegradability, the very low toxicity towards aquatic organisms, the absence of phosphorous and chlorine derived chemicals are all characteristics allowing to lower wastewater impact upon sewer waters or sewage plants; the absence of long-term toxic chemicals (as regards as genetic toxicity, reproductive and foetal toxicity, the endocrine disruption), the study and the confirmation through in vitro tests on human blood cells of no genetic damage made by Bensos’ detergents (University of Brescia) and the absence of allergens are the best guarantee of safety.

Moreover, Bensos puts forward 4 important certificates, which may be attached to the documents of accomodation certificate:

Bensos is happy to meet the requirements of most modern and careful to environment and health hotel and restaurant owners.

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