People who use our products for a long time do know that; it may not be clear to the new users.

Products compatibility with expectant mothers and families with children is part of Bensos’ mission since it has been established. In fact the chemist who started and took forward the studies is a woman, who at the time was already mum of a child and, then, worked in the course of other pregnancies.

So, our graduate took great care in selecting raw materials in order to create only reasonably safe products, to be used by mums, unborn children and babies… as well as for dads!

Saying “reasonably safe” we mean that each substance toxicity data were investigated as much as possible; moreover in vitro genotoxicity tests were carried out on finished products by University of Brescia, with the aim to exclude all toxic substances, even if they are used as ingredients in other manufacturers products. We mean that we keep an eye on the reliable data source (universities, European and American institutional databases) to see if, as scientific studies go deeper and deeper, our “diagnosis” are confirmed or must be corrected, removing some substances. We are opposing to fake news as well as endorsing the scientific research.

In our view, this is the most serious and correct way to work and to offer products for families, from dishwashing, to laundry, to hard surfaces, up to body cleansers and creams, all created following strict and predefined criteria, with neither diversions nor compromises, in order to protect the families health and to help to withdraw from the market all chemicals damaging the environment and human health.

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