We can save Nature also avoiding to squander detergents: the overconsumption, exceeding the real cleaning needs, involves many aspects that affect environment negatively. One among them is the supplementary consumption of raw materials, packaging and energy for production. Dealing with conventional, or not enough ecological detergents and cleansers, clearly the environmental and human health impact increases too. These issues are not pertaining Bensos’ products, expressly made to reduce or set them at zero.

It has yet to be resolved the need non to squander. One way to achieve thi objective is to use dosing devices as the Container Dispenser, which can be used in many situations, among them:

  • dosage of floor detergent in the cleaning water;
  • dosage of Washing up Liquid near the kitchen sink;
  • in nursery schools, dosage of Benè Baby Detergent comfortably near the washbasin;
  • at home, refill the bottles of various Benè body cleansers.

Bensos’ aim is to satisfy customers both in providing very good products and in make them use products in the best possible conditions for users themselves and for the environment.

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