Let us ask a question to people which do not know yet Bensos’ products: have you ever wondered why, at the supermarket, you must buy detergents so often? With regard to laundry products, their consumption mainly depends on how many kids there are in the family, or on overalls to be cleaned. But… hard surfaces detergents for cleaning the house? Advertisements pressure people to purchase, purchase… perfume, perfume… “more we use, the better is”; unfortunately, when products lack in efficiency, this becomes inevitable. This is the consumer society.

Some artisan companies have a very different approach to consumers’ needs, mainly proposing concentrated products. In the case of Bensos, this approach is a feature in addition to the strict ecological and toxicological criteria. You may wonder why this additional care from us; among reasons, there is our desire to spare dilution water, with the aim to make shipping cheaper and less polluting. But the main reason is another: we would like to make a good impression on our products end users, both consumers and professional users.

Let us give you an example: a bottle of the concentrated Antilime Detergent for bathroom, whom very few sprays are enough to clean efficiently bathroom fixtures and the shower box, lasts a long time. Bensos does not care if customers purchase it in relatively few amounts, compared to competitors antilime detergents sold in supermarkets: the most important thing is that Bensos’ customers, once they use up the bottle, come and buy it because they enjoyed it and appreciate it as a high-quality product! This is included in our vision of an ethical production: making products that do not damage the environment, that safeguard people’s health and… not acting as “smoke and mirrors”, but really satisfy efficacy and money-saving needs of consumers.

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