… and Bensos does it too, little by little. Here is our latest “acquisition”: Debora, after a trial period during 2017, is now one of our production staff.

In our company, workers are chosen not only for their reliability and for the attention in their job, but also for one very special feature: they endorse Bensos’ founding criteria.

They uphold environment respect and safeguard. In particular, they are happy for the strict selection of raw materials: compared to end-users, workers are more exposed to chemicals toxicity. In companies who pay little attention to toxicological properties of raw-materials, workers are actually more exposed to chemicals than consumers who will use finished products, as they are used to touch and breathe concentrated ingredients during mixing and production steps. Instead Bensos, further than complying to safety regulation, takes great care to totally exclude long-term toxic substances (mutagens, carcinogens, repro-toxics, teratogens, proven or suspected endocrine disruptors, allergens).

As a reaction of the owner to old job experiences, in Bensos we are also used to take into consideration workers’ personal and familiar requirements, trying to cater their needs and combine them with the company interests as much as possible. Among the reasons, there is the respect for everyone’s right to work in serenity: work takes lots of hours in a day, one cannot spend all that time in a regrettable practice. Our idea is to approach the corporate philosophy typical of northern European countries.

Bensos’ sustainable wellness relates both detergents, cleansers and creams production and the treatment given to workers.

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