When you enter a shop with Bensos’ products, what are you going to see? First of all, you’ll see the absence of artificial colouring, as Bensos precisely chose not to use any dyes or opacifying agents: they are both methods for concealing possible flaws of the products, for example phase separations (that occurs when ingredients are not well mixed and tend to separate in one portion floating over another).

Therefore, you will never see a Bensos’ detergent brightly coloured fuchsia or blue, or artificially opacified, with the exception of naturally opaque products (such as the Fabric Softener, the Wash & Wax, or the Thickened Dishwasher containing xanthan gum, a bit opacifying). Colours typical of Bensos’ products are dark brown, beige, pale yellow, transparent, according to the raw materials used.

These variations from dark to light brown are due to natural origin ingredients, in particular derived from sugar (for example obtained from beet spoils). During chemical processes, it occurs a kind of “caramelization”, like when we heat sugar to make a dessert. The darkening can vary from an output to another, within a reasonable and determined range, with no changes in efficacy and performance. Each new detergents production may contain a raw material lot; therefore, the colour of final product may differ, from a production to another, without any changes in efficacy.

If Bensos masked the real look of its products colouring and opacifying them, none would realize it; but Bensos’ products are free from “camouflaging” agents, hence some shade variations from a lot to another may occur. Bensos’ products honesty is being demonstrated by this too.

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