People caring for their health often use to cook their food at home, with selected unsophisticated ingredients: bread, pizza and other dishes involving the baking.

The “price” will be paid when the oven will need to be cleaned: usually, oven cleaners are strongly irritant towards the skin, as well as the respiratory tract. Moreover, sometimes there are remains of those products on the oven walls; if they are not well rinsed away, during heating they will emit toxic fumes, possibly polluting food during baking.

Bensos’ Oven & Stainless Steel Cleaner does contain neither solvents nor long-term toxic substances; few sprays on oven walls and bottom will be enough to unblock and then remove cheese, tomato and proteinaceous residuals – unless the stains are not too old and repeatedly burnt – with a good degreasing and cleaning result. The best thing is to let the product act for a few minutes, then rub gently with a sponge, in order not to damage the oven surface. In case of very old stains, it may be necessary to use an abrasive sponge.

With regard to the baking trays, the ones with anti-stick coating need a soak time, then a gentle cleaning with sponge and Washing-up Liquid detergent, or a washing by machine with the recommended detergent (see the page of the products for Kitchen). Also stainless steel trays may be treated that ways, but they have the advantage to be liable to be treated with the Bensos’ Oven Cleaner too, that implies time-saving and more efficiency.

The above mentioned procedure is recommended for household ovens. For professional use, Bensos suggests specific detergents, showing efficacy as well as lack of toxic fumes, such as the Professional Oven Cleaner code PF for self-cleaning ovens, which allows workers to avoid to be exposed to the usual strongly irritant aerosols due to common professional detergents. Please contact us directly for more details.

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