The company of a dog is always enjoyable and gratifying. Nevertheless in managing it we must solve some hygienic matters too: how to keep clean our home floor areas, particularly the ones preferred by the dog for its sleepy times, without using polluting products and – last but not least – without too much effort?

Especially from floors made with porous stoneware, it may be quite difficult to remove dogs’ traces, a greasy soil mixed with dust and mulch, using common diluted detergents; in addition, that is generally associated with a typical, not exactly pleasant smell…

Nobody wants to break into a sweat to rub the floor tiles by hand every few days… so, the best thing is to let chemicals work in our place, on condition that they are perfectly ecological and, above all, safe.

A very good method requires the use of the Powersos Bra Miljoval labelled: spray it as such upon the floor dirty areas, let it work 3 – 5 minutes; then rinse with a damp mop and the deed is done!

No allergens, no perfumes, a natural deodorization based on the most correct process: the deep removing of the soil. The rinsing water may be used to irrigate flowers in the garden, as it contains only easily biodegradable non-long-term toxic ingredients.

The Powersos can be used to clean many hard surfaces; in case of normally soiled household floors, it is recommended to dilute 0,2-0,5% with fresh water (approximately 1 – 2 tablespoons per 5 litres of water). However you have to treat a soil dirtier than normal, or the floor is very porous, this detergent can be sprayed directly, letting some minutes to work and then rinsing it away.

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