Schools are drawing to a close; now we can evaluate allergic reactions and sensitizations that may have occurred attending school and try to remedy with a view to next school year. This may be a good time for proposing ecological and allergen-free detergents to the school attended by your son or daughter.

As discussed few years ago during this Health Environment School convention, classrooms can become a source of both allergens and toxic chemicals.

As well as private houses, allergizing perfumes and sensitizing ingredients of detergents used to clean floors, desks and bathroom fixture must be counted in addition to formaldehyde and other components (given off by some detergents, other than by some kinds of furniture too); all this is compounded by typical professional detergents composition, which generally is characterized by more aggressive chemicals than household, considering both performance and toxicity. Here some examples of long-term toxic (mutagen, reprotoxic) professional detergents ingredients: sodium alkylbenzen sulfonate, butylglycol, monoethanolamine, butoxyethanol…

When we send our children to school, we usually think about educational, behavioural and social issues; certainly we do not concern about exposition to long-term toxic chemicals… Instead, this exposition is real, just like cleaning workers exposition, particularly since most lessons take place during fall-winter time, when windows are kept close and rooms are poorly ventilated.

For these reasons Bensos created a choice of detergents with a very low or zero environmental impact, due to all ingredients showing high biodegradability and low toxicity towards aquatic organisms, and neither long-term toxics nor allergens inside: floors, school desks, bathrooms and windows are cleaned without releasing sensitizing or toxic fumes or residues, allowing children to attend school in tranquility.

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