What is the difference between a hotel or bed-and-breakfast bedroom cleaned with common detergents and the same bedroom cleaned with Bensos’ products?

For people keen on environmental safeguard and caring for our family health, to enter a room cleaned with Bensos’ products is… like entering their own home.

The first sensation that guests do feel is the lack of unnatural and persistent perfumes, on the contrary finding the true cleanliness, provided by high efficiency detergents which do not need to “cover” bad smells due to ineffective clean-up.

The absence of allergens is a key aspect to be highlighted in  illustrating the features of your accomodation.

Other aspects to be underlined are the very low environmental impact of products with regard to rinsing water disposal, for example related to laundry, washing-up or floor cleaning mops. The environmental impact of detergents production is low too, as most ingredients are of natural origin and the energy used for manufacturing is all renewable.

Moreover, Bensos’ products are made without long-term toxic substances. “Long-term toxicity” is represented by benchmarks investigated by public authorities and universities, which act as indicators of toxicity towards the genetic profile (mutagenicity), towards reproductive cycle and phoetus, towards endocrine system. Providing samples to University of Brescia researchers, over the years we have contributed to deepen these issues, not only investigating each raw material, but finished products too; the final results, partially pubblicati partially soon to be published in academic journals, have shown us the way to create non-toxic products. This way of working puts Bensos in the forefront towards other detergents manufacturers, both ecological and not.

We strictly decided to protect both environment and people’s health. So, we do not make the difference between household and professional products: we apply the same strict criteria for all. Moreover, we accept the challenge to match strict criteria and efficacy; our customers think that this challenge is mostly won.

Using Bensos’ products, you’ll let your guests feel as they are at home, paying a particular attention to their health and to the Nature we all live in.

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