Nowadays, users’ ecological choices may lead to change some life habits, for example the act of using public transport or ecological vehicle, or reducing non-recyclable plastic items purchase, while increasing other materials items.

Even making laundry using ecological products free from long-term toxic chemicals may lead to a change in some little habits, some of which are old visual and olfactory customs.

Common products usually contain harmful for the environment chemicals (as phosphonates, silicons, polyacrylates, optical brighteners, etc.) and long-term toxic chemicals (as alkylbenzensulfonates, boric acid derivatives, some preservatives, some fragrance components, optical brighteners, enzymes for detergency, etc.); some detergents known as “ecological” contain such chemicals too.

During the years, people has gotten used to associate the idea of cleanliness with some of these chemicals: advertisings usually claim strong perfumes and the so called “whitest white”. Choosing the “ecological way” may lead to leave such things, especially if the choice goes to Bensos’ laundry products, and introducing new habits and a new idea of cleanliness.

We talk about perfumeless and allergen-free detergents: the scent of cleanliness is… no scent. The “white”achievable using the Bleaching Powder , which develops hydrogen peroxide, is not a fluorescent white as we can see in advertisements: this is a natural, true, non-artificial, clean white in every way. To treat various kind of stains there are many tricks, after all quite fast, made actually to remove stains. This is going to sound strange, but common products usually are intended only to cover, to mask the stain existence, without removing them: after a while, if masking chemicals are not renewed by further washings (in fact they are deposed onto fibres), their effect vanishes and stains reappear the same they were before washing; this is optical brighteners effect.

As to perfumes… often perfuming chemicals show long-term toxicities, therefore it is better being exposed with caution, especially at a young age. This is for most Bensos’ products are fragrance-free, in order to let everyone decide if add the preferred perfume or not, avoiding to add it at all if kids are exposed; some Bensos’ products are perfumed with allergen-free and phtalate-free non-persistent fragrances.

Bensos’ work is based upon thorough research and study, describing to the users all reasons of technical choices, with the utmost attention for the health and the environment care.

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