Consumers’ awareness of environmental protection is thankfully increasing, as well as the attention for health in general. Moreover, allergic phenomena towards some chemicals, typically used in detergency, are getting more frequent.
The need to change is spreading to professional laundries, which are starting to convert to ecological products.

From an efficiency perspective, new users of ecological detergents –  particularly Bensos’ ones – will not find any significant differences compared with common products in cleaning dishes and hard surfaces; on the contrary, they are going to notice some perceptible differences in laundry. Why?

In our opinion, this is due to the main purpose of detergency big companies: they always searched to comply with aesthetic demands, not with real cleaning needs of consumers: a lot of perfumes and a lot of chemicals aimed to hide stains and greying. Basically, the fact that a stain is really washed away, or that a bad smell is well removed together with the soil which emitted it, according to industry come second. This view is manifested on one side in adding optical brighteners and dyes (aimed to cover stains and unnaturally freshen the whiteness of clothes), on the other side in adding strong and persistent perfumes.

Ecological detergents (except for those containing optical brighteners, allowed by Ecolabel standard, for ex.) do not satisfy mainly aesthetics: first of all they must wash soil away. That’s all. Bensos products for laundry, for instance, will never cover stains with “fake” ingredients, giving camouflaged results: following some recommendations (mostly quickly implemented) will allow to remove almost all the types of soil.

And what about smells? When the ecological laundry is well done, using enough bleaching powder, bad smells disappear. Their presence is due, for example, to the fermentation made up in sweat by microbes, or to the sebum oxidation; if we clean well the clothes, sweat, sebum and their smells go away. There’s no real need of fragrances, except when (once removed bad smells) we wish to smell a perfume, or when the rainy weather compels to dry clothes indoor, with a bit stuffy.

Who would like to change habits in laundry, considering environmental safeguard and taking care of their own and other people’s health, may get satisfied choosing Bensos’ products, with their low environmental impact, free from long-term toxic substances, free from allergens.


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