Many among new users use to ask us about differences between our dishwasher detergents for household use, the liquid detergent and the jelly (thickened) one.

Both are made exclusively with non-long-term-toxic, easily biodegradable chemicals and minerals; both are good detergents.

They differ mainly for the presence of xanthan gum, a natural food-grade thickener. Until some years ago, there was only the liquid product, the Dishwasher Liquid Detergent, not suitable for all dishwasher machines.

When machines are brand-new, they perform well with any detergents; instead, when they get old they lose their capacity to keep the detergent inside the reservoir during the washing start, for example because the gasket breaks. It seems that such kind of problems is quite common: they arise after some years and the use of tabs masks them; problems occur when we switch to liquid products. At the washing phase start, generally, dishwashers make a drainage of drip, before entering prewashing or washing water. If the detergent is very liquid and the reservoir is unable to keep it, the detergent is bound to go to the dishwasher bottom and run away through the drain; the direct result is an apparent ineffectiveness of the detergent… as it is disposed before being used! In the past we recommended to put the detergent amount upon a little dish on the dishwasher bottom, with the aim to prevent the detergent from being drained. This method is useful only with dishwashers suitable of excluding prewashing phase; otherwise, the detergent would be used just during prewash, not during washing phase, leading to a low performance washing.

The Dishwasher Thickened Detergent solves all these problems: it can be used in old dishwashers too, as it does not leak outside the reservoir, well substituting the tabs. In this way all users can enjoy Bensos products and benefit from Criteria, which exclude long-term toxic chemicals and radically lower dishwashing environmental impact.


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