Sodium percarbonate is a good cleaning and disinfecting agent, but it has its limits: it can attack only some types of soil and not others; this is the reason why Bensos recommends it mainly as an additive. Moreover, it is not able to act as antirideponent, that is to prevent soil to settle again on surfaces. In addition as percarbonate develops an oxidizing agent (the”active oxygen”), unremoved soil may oxidize, getting darker.

Washing dishes by machine with an unbalanced product may lead not only to dirty dishes, but also to a particular event called “photographed soil”, due to high drying temperatures. Remains should then removed by hand, scrubbing with an abrasive sponge.

We recommend to choose a specially designed dishwasher detergent, available in liquid version code EQ and in gel version code EL. Both are liquid, so they do not contain sodium percarbonate and act in different ways; their feature is to combine various cleaning functions by specially selected and balanced ingredients: cleaning power towards various soil types + antirideponent function + antilime function. So washing is optimized and esthetical problems are prevented.

All ingredients selected fulfill Bensos’ restrictive Criteria for their low environmental impact, their lack of long-term toxicity and the absence of allergens. Products are formulated to satisfy all cleaning needs of families and professional users, taking in consideration all problems about soil removing.

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