Since Directive nr. 2008/98/CE has been approved (transposed in Italy through the D. Lgs. nr. 205, 3 dec 2010), in European countries the waste separate collection has started, with the aim to reduce unrecoverable waste as much as possible, promoting reuse and recycling.

Recently, a new way to collect urban solid wastes is spreading through Italian municipalities: the door-to-door separate collection, which seems to be more effective in stimulating people to separate packaging one from another and, globally, in improving the collection management.

As experienced users well know, the door-to-door collection is carried out only in particular days of the week; hence, sometimes rubbish lays in the tanks longer than expected. Consequently, smelly residuals may develop into the disposal units.

To wash the tanks easily, we recommend the Universal Degreaser, that cleans and deodorizes, leaving neither persistent perfumes nor troublesome foams, giving no pollutions and allowing an easy washing in the garden too.

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