The door-to-door waste collection is improving the quality of life in our towns and villages, which are cleaner and cleaner, as bad smelling solid waste are no more piled up on street corners, waiting to be collected.

Obviously, at one time the problem was a public health issue; now it has to solved locally by each family: separate collection bins must be kept clean, otherwise bad smells, due to food residues fermentation and to the settling of microbes colonies, take over.

We refer particularly to organic waste bins: new bags made in MaterBi® or alike biodegradable plastics are beautiful ecologically, but are easily pierceable by both waste with straight edges and insects, like ants, searching for foodstuff. So smelly slurry often leaks from bags into the bin bottom.

The best thing is to remove slurry and carefully clean each time we change the bag. The procedure can be very easier if we use a low foaming efficient detergent, as the Universale Degreaser: after a first rinse, the product must be sprayed and left act for few seconds, removing dry waste residuals with a brush or a dedicated sponge; finally, the bin must be rinsed and let air-dried.

Doing this way each time, it will make unnecessary any disinfecting or hygienizing agent; this is always preferable from the environmental point of view. Universal Degreaser makes waste bins efficiently clean and odour-free without polluting and without diffusing allergens.

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