Talking about Horeca and mass catering, usually we talk about HACCP (Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points) too. We are dealing with a collection of procedures aimed to prevent foods contamination by microbial or chemical agents. In the past, conservation and manipulation of foods were left to the restaurant owners common-sense, without specific care for health and safety criteria; inspections were casual and contaminations were often recognized when foods had been partially eaten. Recent laws (particularly European Parliament’s Regulation nr. CE/852/2004) emphasize the requirement of a good upstream management of food safety; so the safety management is now exterted by the kitchen or laboratory owner through the application of HACCP own checks program in identifying and monitoring all critical points in food handling. One of the main aspects is the worktables and floors cleaning.

It must be pointed out that there are no regulatory definitions of HACCP specific cleaning or disinfecting agents, even if many manufacturers add claims such as “suitable for HACCP” on labels: theoretically, any detergent may be suitable, as long as it does leave no toxic residues and it removes and/or knocks down pathogens, with the aim to get negative microbial controls.

Bensos developped many products suitable to be used with that aim. Among them, Universal Degreaser code MC gives good results in cleaning professional kitchen hard surfaces: greasy soil often hosts microorganisms and the Universal Degreaser removes it efficiently; it is comfortable to use as it is low foaming and easy to rinse. In order to get even more safety, the best thing is – after treatment with the Degreser – to spray the Readyhygiene code IV.

Bensos’ Readyhygiene shows a good bactericidal and yeasticidal activity, both very important features in food hygiene as the greatest concern is represented by bacteria named coliforms and staphylococci.
It shows fungistatic activity towards moulds, mainly an air contamination issue.

Readyhygiene is suitable for cleaning slicers, worktables and in general all the equipments in professional kitchen. You can download here the efficacy report (University of Ferrara).

Bensos’ products, free from fragrances and from allergens, represent the ecological and efficient option with regard to common professional detergents.

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