We happened to see some household dishwashers, using common detergents, which did not comply with the basic hygiene requirements as littered with mould and layered residues.

This may be due to a bad dissolution of powder detergents, because of too low washing temperatures or too little water provided during ecological washing cycles.

Another factor may be this: some people use to load the dishwasher with very dirty tableware, without removing any rough soil.

In order to keep your dishwasher clean, with little or no need of periodic maintenance washings and with a definitely better hygiene in tableware cleaning, two are the recommendations:

  • do not let dry the rough soil upon tableware, instead remove it with a brush or a paper towel before loading the dishwasher;
  • use a well balanced detergent, possibly not a powder.

Bensos household Dishwasher Detergent and Thickened Dishwasher Detergent are liquid and very effective both towards crockery, glasses and cutlery and towards dishwasher internal walls and bottom. Preferably they are to be coupled either with the Rinse Aid, or the Extra Rinse Aid, or the Citric Acid. As all other Bensos’ products, they fulfill the restrictive Bensos’ Criteria about biodegradability and lack of toxicity.

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