We all know that COVID-19 emergency makes necessary to be extremely careful in hands hygiene, otherwise we may contribute to the virus diffusion. It is of utmost importance to wash or hygienize often our hands, following the WHO Guidelines, particularly when we come back after leaving our house for a while, as we may have touched some contaminated objects.

WHO says to wash our hands with soap and water; it says also to use alcohol-based hygienizer if we do not have immediate access to soap and water. In order to prevent the infection, washing or hygienizing hands is undoubtedly useful and must be carried out. However hands skin tends to get drier and drier, until it cracks. In particular, using common handsoaps containing aggressive ingredients generally have such unpleasant consequences. What to do to avoid this problem?

Bensos is happy to present to new buyers the Benè Hands & Face Biogel. This is a very delicate detergent, particularly rich in soothing agents; it can really help to prevent hands dryness, even if we must wash them very often in the day. Used by physicians between examinations, it is so soothing that it is fully distinguishable from common supermarket stuff. Anyway, in the evening we recommend to apply on hands a good moisturizing and nourishing cream, such as Benè Body & Hands Cream or Benè Calendula (Marigold) Cream, in order to restore the hydro-lipidic film overnight, waking up the following morning with very soft hands.

Benè Hands & Face Biogel is available in various sizes, including the 5 liters container useful for refilling at home and saving a bit of cash: the container is more convenient than 250 ml bottle and it can refill it 20 times! Bensos can deliver the products directly to your home by courier.

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