Among Bensos’ household detergents, various products are suitable for floor cleaning.

Often customers ask which detergent to choose according to the floor type. This table describes some features, that can be useful in choosing the right product. Generally, increasing pH corresponds to higher degreasing power, dilution being equal.

Here some recommendations:

  • ceramic and stoneware: all are good, the choice is determined by the soil kind and quantity la scelta dipende dal grado di sporco;
  • hardwood floor: if varnished with epoxy paint, diluted Multipurpose is good enough; if not (natural wood or naturally painted wood), it is better to test it in a hidden corner with diluted Multipurpose or diluted Universal Degreaser; if waxed, Wash & Wax is good.
  • marble: generally recommended the Wash & Wax; if requested to avoid any sliding risk, all the other Bensos’ products for floor cleaning are good.

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