Clorine bleach (also said sodium hypochlorite) is a very effective disinfectant and bleaching agent, mainly used in bathroom fixture and floors cleaning and clothes bleaching soprattutto per le superfici, particularly when infected by bacteria or mould. The question is: if it is so effective, why not use it?

The reasons to avoid chlorine and derived range from the great environmental impact to the strong long-term toxicity. Both hypochlorite and chloramines (substances that arise when hypochlorite acts on soil) are not biodegradable; chloramines are particularly concerning for sewage treament plants because it is actually feasible neither to degrade nor to hold them and it is really a shame, as they are carcinogens and they spread out through the environment. [Chlorine used in water main is a bit different and far less toxic: it is chlorine dioxide, a very volatile chemical which does leave neither residue nor chloramines; it only releases the typical smell, not always agreeable.]

Validated scientific studies confirm that chlorine bleach (hypochlorite) damages our immunitary system cells DNA; moreover, it damages genetic heritage of other organisms too, fishes among them.

So… what could we use instead of chlorine bleach? To disinfect the toilet bowl, particularly the submerged part, sodium percarbonate is very effective; the best thing is to alternate between it and Citric Acid code ACIT, with the aim to eliminate first alkaline-sensitive bacteria, secondly acid-sensitive bacteria (and limestone).

With regards to larger hard surfaces, as other bathroom fixture and floors, generally it is not necessary to make a disinfection so the choice may be among Hard-surface line multipurpose products. Where disinfection is really necessary, non-toxic hygienizer products are available.

Bensos works earnestly and responsibly to put forward a sustainable alternative to common detergents, carefully avoiding both persistent and long-term toxic chemicals.

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