professional Sodium hypoclorite is commonly used in household and professional cleaning for its bleaching and disinfecting properties.

Unfortunately these are not its only properties: hypochlorite has a strong impact both on the environment and on human health, as described in this article. Therefore it is recommended to abandon its use; but how to solve some professional cleaning problems without it?

Bensos’ Research & Development, always committed in studying and testing new formulations, developed ecological alternatives remarkable both for efficacy and for low environmental and toxicological impact, for many cleaning issues:

  • professional kitchen: for dishwashers and glasswashers, Bensos recommends Hydrogen Peroxide coupled with the Additive for Hydrogen Peroxide code ADAO;
  • professional laundry: Laundry Detergent is coupled with Hydrogen Peroxide or with Peracetic Acid and with Additive for Hydrogen Peroxide code ADAO, showing to be very effective on workdresses too, in total lack of allergens;
  • hard surfaces and floors cleaning: Bensos’ highly biodegradable ammonium quaternary salt based hygienizers; for the bleaching of bathroom fixtures stained with rust, we have made new ecological strong descalers, if you are interested please send us a message directly on Contacts page.

All these products substitute chlorine efficiently, lowering severely the environmental impact of your business. Moreover, they allow to you, Owners, and to your customers not to be exposed to long-term toxic substances and to allergens. Bensos’ products are phosphorous-free too, so they make your waste management costs get lower.

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