Doing laundry at low temperatures, obstinate greasy soil is hard to remove even with aggressive non-ecologic products. The wifes of mechanics know about this issue, as they use to work hard at rubbing greasy spots with toxic alkylbenzene sulfonates-based creamy detergents or alike. The Universal Degreaser code MC allows to remove oily stains avoiding toxic ingredients; pre-treatment is still necessary, but it is made easier by spraying the product directly on stains, instead of spreading creams.

About stains percistence, not only motor oil, but edible fats – as extra-vergin olive oil – are difficult to clean too. For this particular soil, Liquid Castile Soap code SAPMAR is even more recommended than Universal Degreaser, as it is chemically related. In any case, this kind of soil need a special care: for example, it is recommended to soak clothes with warm water before spraying, in order to make the product seep through the fibres; then it is better to rub for a few seconds and, if appropriate, spray the detergent again. Afterwards clothes can go in the washing machine. A general advice is not to make the soil get too old, as it reacts with air oxygen and it get harder and harder to remove.

It should be noted that, yes, some products a bit more effective exist: the enzime-based detergents, containing lipase, protease, etc. Unfortunately, they are all allergenic; their sensitizing effect is stronger towards atopic individuals, enhancing asthma attacks and dermatitis.

Bensos does not use allergens as ingredients for its products. It offers very effective products anyway, likely to facilitate homeworks, in order to make life pleasantly sustainable… using neither allergens nor long-term toxic chemicals!

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