In a few days, our children will come back to school… someone says: “At last!” In all seriousness, looking at their school backpacks and woven pencil cases, we may wish to clean them before starting school.

Recommended products for this operation are two:

Ink removing should be performed this way: dip with cold water the textile stained with ink, spray the Multipurpose and rub with hands or, better, with a brush, then rinse with fresh cold water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

After that, the backpack can be soaked with lukewarm water and Laundry Detergent; some backpacks can be washed directly in laundry machine. Then run the spin cycle at low speed and dry out in the open air.

The lack of both allergens and long-term toxic substances make Bensos’ products perfectly suitable for cleaning all the things regularly used by our children.

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